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I want to loose weight.
weight Posted by : Health Expert 106 months ago
You could follow a healthy well balanced diet along with a minimum of 40 mins of exercise in a day to lose weight. Here are a few basic guidelines for you:
1. Avoid fried foods, sweetened beverages and sweets.
2. Include at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
3. Have raw vegetable/sprouts salads with both your lunch and dinner.
4. Have small but frequent meals.
5. Drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.
For a personalized weight loss plan please fix and appointment with the Dietitian and take it forward from there.
weight Posted by : Anonymous 105 months ago

I am following all the diet plans but still I am gaining weight especially  tummy is increasing. To reduce tummy I have started using AB slimmer.

Please help me.


weight Posted by : Anonymous 104 months ago

It would be good if you follow a healthy well balanced diet as the health expert suggests. Please ocnsult the dietitian, i have seen good results in myself after following the diet plan.

weight Posted by : Pratik 104 months ago

A well balanced diet plan can stop you to gain more fat but in order to burn-out the extra fat, you have to exercise. And the same has been suggested by Health Expert; "a 40 mins of exercise". There is no short-cut plan to do that. Depending on your BMI, you could choose different cardio-exercise for you. Generally, jogging, skipping, cycling, cross-bar training and little bit of weight exercise can help you to achive what you are looking for.

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