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Discussion Topic - reduce weight
Hi iam 24 years and my weight is around i obese or fat...
if recommend some diet which i can follow in busy schedule also so that i reduce my weight and be healthy.
reduce weight Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago

obese or fat depends on your height, you didn't mention.

Fibre and less carbohydrate foods  will reduce weight. Excercise will help you too

reduce weight Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago

It is not difficult to follow a good well blanced diet even if you have busy schedule. It is better that you consult the Dietitian, they will tell you the right waty to lose weight.

reduce weight Posted by : Anonymous 100 months ago

hmm, i think we are in the similar line.

simple and easy to follow is walking. simply i started walking from Wipro office to sholingnallur junction daily, i felt lot of changes and my weight started getting reduced.

Try walking yaar.just start with 10 to 15 minutes.Slowly increase it to 30 minutes. thats more than enough i think.

Ofcourse if u r a girl and still unmarried then go for gym or aerobics which are at very less cost in Wipro.



reduce weight Posted by : praveena 100 months ago

walking will help u reduce weight if it is a brisk one

lazy walks at park wont help, withouth any diet

again diet is not one which should be discussed over a table or downlaoded from net

everybody's requirement, blood group, physical activity differs, so better consult a dietician  :) :)


reduce weight Posted by : Anonymous 65 months ago

Do proper exercise with balanced diet. Eat white egg,fruits and oats in breakfast. Eat 2 chapati, dal and salad in lunch. Take green tea ones or twice. Take more of raw veggie. You should prepare your diet chart.Do gym,yoga, aerobics and swimming whatever you enjoy.
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