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Discussion Topic - Weight Gain
Ho 2 gain weight? wats the best diet to be followed for it?
Weight Gain Posted by : Anonymous 98 months ago

Thats very easy... start eating junk food, chips, biscuits and other processed food. If you are non vegeterian start eating non veg daily and in one year you would be asking for weight reduction tips


Oh and start eating sweets 3 times a day after every meals and include fried food in every meal. You will thank me for this tip. I gained 20 Kgs in 2 months

Weight Gain Posted by : Anonymous 98 months ago

No need to think much on it.  Here is the best answer "Take milk with Badam milk powder every night" You will find the best result.

Weight Gain Posted by : Anonymous 97 months ago

Think good, eat good, sleep good

Weight Gain Posted by : Anonymous 97 months ago

Worry about fitness not too much about weight. It needs to be approximately in the range suggested for different heights. Avoid junk foods, instead eat healthy. Have regular meals - at least 3 meals, fruits and green leafy vegetables. Do running to improve fitness and hence increasing your metabolism and hence pepping up food demand from Body. Do weight training to build up Bulk. Support this with Protiens, Carb rich diets. Motto SHould be EAT Healthy and Exercise. Build up a Stamina of at least 4-5 KM speed walk or 3-4 km jog. Climb stairs to help your cardio. You should be able to climb at least 8-10 floors with comfort. Aim for Fitness, forget weight.

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