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Discussion Topic - Reducing fat around the hips

I have a healthy life style and have good health. My body fat is very minimal except for the area around my waist. My legs, hands everything else is just fine , but fat accumulates around my waist along all sides. Would diet control make me look weak ?
Reducing fat around the hips Posted by : Health Expert 107 months ago

If you follow a well balanced diet it will not make you look weak.
Reducing fat around the hips Posted by : Anonymous 106 months ago

Scientifically, it is not possible spot (Reducing weight on a particular area) reduce the weight. Fat around the waist can be reduced only as a part of whole body weight reduction. Ideal way of reducing weight is by doing cardio execises (Jogging, cycling, walking, swimming, step climbing etc.,) and following weight loss diet.

Reducing fat around the hips Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago

No the above point is wrong, you can reduce your weight (fat) around your waist by gud exercises and also try to reduce calories

Reducing fat around the hips Posted by : reshma 101 months ago

weight around this area means bad eating habits...women tend to gain weight areound this area if they are having fatty diet.

Reduce FAT from your diet, all whites, excercise regularly, walking does not help.

Rigourous excercise will do wonders if combined with fruity, veggie and nutrious diet

Happy Health!!!

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