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Discussion Topic - Fearness and Sleepless
Hello Doctor,

One month back, while I was travelling in a bus I feel like my tongue is getting dried and repeatedly I was drinking water. After sometimes same situation continues and my face and hands loosing the sense of touch and I am feeling like getting unconscious. Symptoms are my body is sweating and I am not able to speak normally, my tongue is losing the taste and sensitiveness.

After that incident, still now I am feeling like that. If I feel like my tongue is getting dried means immediately my heart beats will be increasing due to fear and stress in my mind. I am not able to get relax myself. Due to this issue, past one month I am restless and stress minded and feeling like pain in my heart and abdomen etc.,

1. What is the actual reason for this problem?
2. Please suggest some solution for this health issue?

Gopinath N
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