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Discussion Topic - darkening of facial skin
my face has a few very dark (almost black) areas as if burnt to black. But the remaining area is brown. The dark areas are normally on the 2 chins (by the side of eyes).
Any remedy possible to regain original color?
darkening of facial skin Posted by : Health Expert 103 months ago
I would advice you to consult a Dermatologist.
darkening of facial skin Posted by : Anonymous 103 months ago

lime and honey.. will be good for your face.. It will also soften ur skin

darkening of facial skin Posted by : Anonymous 103 months ago

try using lime and honey. It will make ur skin better and reduce the spots.

darkening of facial skin Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago

Darkness is usually because of either of the two reasons:-1) your skin has been tanned due to UV rays 2) the skin is dry

If you have not been protecting your skin from UV rays, try wearinga scarf all around your face(avoiding eyes)

If your skin is dry, use emolene cream on your face(anytime of the day). This is not at all oily and can help to keep your skin moist without making it oily.Emolene is safe to be used by anybody

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