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Discussion Topic - Smooth Hair
Just wanted to know how is poossible for smoothing hair and very attaractive.
Smooth Hair Posted by : Health Expert 103 months ago
You could try this hair pack once in 2 months for a smooth hair. Beat egg white until it is foamy. Mix in 6 tablespoon of yogurt and massges into the hair. Wash with mild shampoo after 15-30 minutes.
Smooth Hair Posted by : Anonymous 103 months ago

Hi Dear,


 You can try this also.

Masage ur hair with oil for minimum 1/2 hr or 1 hr ( For blood circulation)

Then leave it for some time. Then take head path with this below paste

 Curd + Green Gram powder + Penugreek(Methi) Powder  mix this and make paste.

Weekly twice or once u can do the same. It is good conditioner also for  hair. U can feel the smell and softness in the hair. It will not give any side effects.



Smooth Hair Posted by : Anonymous 48 months ago
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