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Discussion Topic - Reduce Hair Fall

For the past one year I am facing severe hair fall,I tried many shampoo's(himalaya hairfall control,pantene,sunsilk) and tried with conditioners also, finally i tried for mild shampoo so went for johnson & johnson baby shampoo nothing worked for me.

Please help me regarding this...

Thanks in advance.
Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 94 months ago


Its better you stop using shampoo. You can go for herbal home made shampoo. All you need to do is get some aamla, reetha, and shikakai (get dry one) . Take 4-5 peices of each and a glass of water and boil it in cooker upto 2-3 wistiles. Filter the solution and let it come to room temprature, then apply gently on hairs and wash them.

Daily oil your hairs at night before going to bed(any oil will do amla or coconut but make it sure it dosent containg chemicals dabur will be good brand to suggest)

If you not vegiterain you can go for eggs. Apply weekly before taking bath.

If you not prone to cold you can even go for curd instead.

Before sleep you can take a half spoon of "Aswagandha powder" with milk. It helps if you loosing hair because of tension.

While drying hairs dont rub towel harshly because hairs roots are weak when they are wet.

Use thick comb.

Hope this helps


Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 94 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions will try this:)

Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 94 months ago

Doubt whether we have to apply the egg white or the yellow one?

Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 93 months ago

apply amla oil and eat curd rice

Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 92 months ago


Could you pls tell me what is Reetha?

Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 91 months ago


i lose a lot of hair nowadays.

initially my hair was straight and thick, ones i started losing hair it became curly.

moreover length of my hair is same, like the growth is very very slow.

please suggest what must be done to get a long and thick hair.

Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 91 months ago

Nuts and fruits are good for hair.... Better to use home made natural shampoo twice a week(don't use daily). Also try to eat amla, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and soya beans daily..

Reduce Hair Fall Posted by : Anonymous 87 months ago


I had faced similar problem of hairfall.I was very worried and tried Pantene anti hair fall shampoo and guess what !!! It worked like magic and completely stopped hairfall.

You can also try good anti hairfall shampoo which suits your hair type (Dove/Pantene/Sunsilk etc.)

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