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Discussion Topic - Hair fall
I am facing severe hair fall from past few months. Please suggest some remedies.
Hair fall Posted by : Anonymous 107 months ago

i too faced the same health expert suggested consume protiens and green leafy veg.Wash the hair regularly.

Hair fall Posted by : Anonymous 107 months ago

Iron deficiency is also cause for hair fall.take  food containing more iron content.

Hair fall Posted by : Anonymous 106 months ago

this one work super...

fill a bucket with luke warm water

drop some leather inside the water (e.g. cricket ball)

immerse hair inside for five minutes (make sure you do not immerse your nose and choke yourself)

do this twice a week and hair fall will go away within a month!!!!

Hair fall Posted by : Anonymous 104 months ago

This sounds funny. Is it really true. How does protien in the leather of a cricket ball effectively spreads and helps hair health. i doubt this. taking protenous food and having head bath frequently should be efctive methods.

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