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Discussion Topic - Hair fall problem

I am 32 and experiencing hair fall issue from last 6 months. After wash or whenever i comb my hair, they are falling too much. sometimes when i put my hands in the hair, they come out.

My Derma adviced me to use SCALPE shampoo and apply Entik hair oil. but i didnot see nay visible results. Please advice
Hair fall problem Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago

After taking bath , dry your hairs thoroughly.

protect your hairs from pollution can use cap!

Do not shampoo daily.

use mild shampoo. like Dove.

Never take tension/stress....Its the main cause of hair problems.

Go for Iron rich food like "aamla".

Hair fall problem Posted by : Anonymous 100 months ago

I also faced the same problem. I got remedy by using the following oil preparation procedure which was adviced by my friend.

Mix Kesavarthini oil (1/4) + olive oil (1/4) + Bhadham oil (1/4) in Coconut Oil (1 litre)

- Kesavarthini oil will control hair loss and also gives you coolness.

- Olive oil will keep your hair color in to dark black and also it gives you coolness.

- Bhadaham oil will prevent hair from the breakage and give shiness to your hair and keeps your hair smooth.

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