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Discussion Topic - Hair Loss & Transplant
From past three years i am experiencing hair fall and have lost ample amount of hair density.
Please can someone suggest about the regrowth of hair(i have oily scalp) or is the transplant only solution(kindly suggest good place for this).
Hair Loss & Transplant Posted by : Health Expert 107 months ago
There are number of reasons for hair fall. It becomes difficult to give a treatment for hair fall unless one knows the cause for it. It is advised to consult a Dermatologist to get the right treatment for the same. Transplant is one of the treatments but not the only treatment.
Hair Loss & Transplant Posted by : Anonymous 107 months ago

Hey..i used to lose a lot of hair and then I was diagnosed to be anaemic. Check your Hb levels..some Iron supplements can help you with a healthy hair...

all the best!!

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