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Discussion Topic - For ever glowing skin
Please suggest me some tips for glowing skin.
For ever glowing skin Posted by : Anonymous 106 months ago


If you are in the age gropu of 22-26,then use natural and herbal products rather then using strong checmical products.Papaya,Banana,milk cream,mint etc. are very good in giving a glowing skin.Eat these or use it as a face pack both are usefull.Drink lots of water and keep ur skin clean as much possible.Dont use any night cream.Just clean ur face with plain water or just wipe ur face with chilled rose water.

If u r in the age group of 30 or more,then scrubers and a good face pack can improve the glow in ur skin.Fresh fruits and water is must.But due to age the skin starts looking dull.Lemon,orange,aloevera.. a pack of these will help u in getting a tonned and glowing skin.U can use astrigent to clean the excessive dirt or makeup of whole day.

For ever glowing skin Posted by : Anonymous 103 months ago

Cut a tomato ,divide it into two pieces and fill it with some rose water . Put it in freezer then after 8 hours , rub it to your skin every night , wash your face after 2 hours.  This will defenitely keep your skin glowing.


For ever glowing skin Posted by : Anonymous 70 months ago

how to control acne without chemical products and cosmetics...
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