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Discussion Topic - Cracks in Foot

I am having severe foot pain these days though my weight is normal. I have cracks on my foot and i found that the skin is getting peeled especially when is stand in water for a long time(during washing/bathing).

Please suggest to avoid/reduce cracks in heels? Is there any home remedy avaialble for the same during intensive pain?
Cracks in Foot Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago

Follow the below tips to avoid cracks in heels. Do this before you go to bed.

1. Soak your feet in luke warm water for 10 mins.

2. Clean it with mild cleanser.

3. Pat and dry with a dry cloth.

4. Apply olive oil to the cracks.

5. Continue this for a month daily. You will see that the cracks will slowly disappear.

Cracks in Foot Posted by : Anonymous 76 months ago

Try Amway footcream ,Wonderful results can be seen...
i myself experienced that. clean ur legs and apply....

if u need and if u dont get contact me.9952074793
Cracks in Foot Posted by : Anonymous 53 months ago
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