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Discussion Topic - Avoid Hair Loss
After I came to Bangalore, the hair loss is high, which is the same for the most. What is the remedy.
Avoid Hair Loss Posted by : Anonymous 104 months ago

Hi, Use scraf for covering your hair.

Change of water could be the reason.Try to oil your hair before headbath.

Have egg and high protein's diet.

Avoid Hair Loss Posted by : Anonymous 104 months ago


First mistake usually done by all of us are: We will apply shampoo on the forehead and immediately with in a max period of 2 minutes. We will take head bath which is very very wrong.

First avoid shampoos --Any company’s. All are made up of some chemicals only.

Use Meera powder OR shikakay powder paste on the forehead. Allow it to get inside for at least 5 minutes. Then after take head bath. And let the hair dry fully. Again don’t use hair dryer and all. At least take head bath twice in a week. And better to apply oil for the hair at least thrice in a week.


Avoid Hair Loss Posted by : Anonymous 104 months ago


Take coconut oil, sesame oil and castor oil in equal proportion.

Take the oil and Heat it ( not directly) by keeping the oil in a bowl of water.

Apply it in the hair when it is warm and cover the hair with a cloth or using a shower cup.

While washing the hair, dont apply the shampoo directly, instead dilute it and wash the hair.

Use conditioners after wash .

Never keep the hair dry, which will lead to hair fall.

Hair must be tangle free, so brush your hair softly.


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