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Discussion Topic - Fair Skin
i am in 5th month of my pragnancy. what kind of food i need to take for good skin complextion of my baby
Fair Skin Posted by : Health Expert 105 months ago
It is important for you to take a healthy well balanced diet during your pregnancy for the overall good health of you and your baby. Genetics will decide the complexion of your baby mostly. So just have a healthy meal and accept the complexion of the baby, as he/she is born with.
Fair Skin Posted by : Anonymous 105 months ago

hi - I have also heard that black grapes and typical fruits are not good during this time for getting the skin colour of the infant. Is it something the diet to do with the skin color or how it is?

More pointers would be appreciated.



Fair Skin Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago


i have heard if you want a fair skin you should have more milk/ white products (coconut) etc during the initial months of your pregnancy.

Also have fresh juice ( avoid if diabetic) once or twice everyday.




Fair Skin Posted by : Anonymous 72 months ago


Drink milk atleast 2 glasses daily. Eat lot of fruits like apple,watermelon,grapes,bananna etc and vegetables like carrot, beetroot, cucumber(to avoid constipitation) as well as few dryfruits everyday like cashew,dry grapes,badam(atleast 4 everyday) etc. Ant take saffron with milk everyday before going to sleep.
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