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Discussion Topic - Are calcium supplements safe?
Is it advisable to take regular calcium supplements after the age of 35 Yrs for women?
Are calcium supplements safe? Posted by : Anonymous 107 months ago

Yes..if you are not taking enough mlk and its roducts.

Are calcium supplements safe? Posted by : shalini 94 months ago

please dnt ever go for calcium supplements which u get in medical shops . in long run it will form stones in your kidney since i had the same prblm .instead please go for Nutrilite products they are daily supplements which are 100% organic & no side effects & 100% result,i use NUTRILITE products & iam finding good results. if interested pls let me know on

Are calcium supplements safe? Posted by : Anonymous 93 months ago

i agree with shalini and would like to add here.


human body create calcium till 30 and than based on threshold calcium index of body it maintains bones etc. you can see when a person reaches in 40-50 bone strength get reduced. I can provide detailed information as my mom is having join pain problem and nutirlite CAL MAG D helped her in many ways. it is safe and now she is doing good.

vikas mishra -

Are calcium supplements safe? Posted by : Anonymous 77 months ago

Hi, Go with Nutrilite CAL MAG D that will help you to retaining Calcium level and does not give any side effort. For further details you can reach me @ 98457 80216.

Naturopathic Doctor,

Dr Savitha

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