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Discussion Topic - food to enhance fertility
Please suggest foods to reduce risk of both male and female infertility. Which foods to avoid before, during and after IVF treatment, and what should be taken. Please suggest diet chart for working couple.
food to enhance fertility Posted by : Anonymous 103 months ago

Food/diet may not be directly useful in this condition. But of course if you and your husband are overweight or obese, then losing the excess weight will definately help. For this you will haev to follow a good diet and exercise regularly. There are a number of other factors leading to infertility like smoking, alcohol, stress, other health conditions etc. You can discuss with your doctor the same. All The Best !

food to enhance fertility Posted by : Anonymous 99 months ago


Inspite of following all the diets , take enough rest.

As u have mentioned as u r a working couple, better take leave from work from u'r second month or so.

I am telling from my own experience, where i concived with 2 beautiful male babies as of my IVF.

I continued to work and everything went on well until i delivered my twins in 27 weeks.

One of them survived for 1and 1/2 months and another for 2 and 1/2 months. so better take enough rest.

Avoid sugar, as most of the ladies are undergoing diabetes during pregnancy.



food to enhance fertility Posted by : Anonymous 96 months ago


Any suggestion on good and experienced IVF doctor/hospital in Bangalore?

food to enhance fertility Posted by : Anonymous 69 months ago
Is IVF is safe?What are the side effects in IVF procedure?
one of my cosin told. babies conceived through IVF will not be active than babies formed through natural.
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