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Discussion Topic - daily food products and pesticides
Is it true that in our daily food items like apples and other fruits contains 42% pesticides?
daily food products and pesticides Posted by : Health Expert 101 months ago
Hi, Majority of the food products that we consume contain pesticides unless grown organically
daily food products and pesticides Posted by : Aashish 97 months ago

Yes, This is true and that's why we should look for more organic products. Suplpementing our food with some organic supplements is a good idea. I have been supplementing my diet with dietary suplpements which are totally organic and this has helped me to be away from diseases especially during changing weather.

daily food products and pesticides Posted by : Prashanti 93 months ago

Hi , obviously organic food is much better than the pesticide injected food , but in india organic fruits and vegetables are not available as such.

Best way is to fill the nutritional gap with dietary suppliments which are organically produced and are totally safe, we have been using the dietary suppliments in our family and have seen the differece in health from others .

we suggest everybody to go with good dietary suppliments eg: Nutrilite , they are connsidered as world no 1 in dietary suppliements for vitamins and minerals.

mail to for more details on suppliments and there usage.


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