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Discussion Topic - Very Less carbohydrates
I was into Body Building and I had a very specific diet which includes negligible carbohydrates and fats and this diet is called ketogenic diet. I used to take carbohydrates only after 3 days so that my insulin level does not go down. After joining the industry my physical activity is almost zero and following the same diet is not possible as i cannot eat 6 meals per day. Please help me regarding diet so that i can continue with my bodybuilding . I exercise 90 min . daily .
Very Less carbohydrates Posted by : Prashanti 94 months ago

I guess for body building one should take protein rich diet and should suppliment themselves with protein suppliment or a protein powder.

would suggest you to use Nutrilite Protein powder for this as this organic and 100 % safe for the body.

Contact for more details on protein suppliments.

Very Less carbohydrates Posted by : Anonymous 63 months ago

you do not need to eat 6 meals a day to stay lean or build muscle mass.
current research suggests so. google on intermittent fasting and carb backloading diets.
these diets are perfect for your requirement.
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