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Discussion Topic - Bad breath
I feel that there is a slight of bad breath coming from my mouth. What should I do to avoid this? I use Close-up gel toothpaste. Is there any other product for strong and fresh teeth?
Bad breath Posted by : Anonymous 104 months ago

There are no. of causes for bad breath:

1. Foods such as onion, garlic etc can lead to bad breath

2. Dental problems like cavity etc.

3. If you have a dry  mouth, that is if you not get enough saliva to cleanse your mouth.

4.If you have cold, cough or any other sinus related problem.

5. Alos if your bowels are not clear (if you are suffering constipatin)

Check with your dentist first to check for cavities and also correct your food habits if you are suffering from constipation.

Any mouth washes or tooth paste gives only temporary releif from it, but to cure it you hav to first know wat the prob is.

I too had this prob long then, got to know that it was b'coz of a toothe decay.

Hope this helps you

Bad breath Posted by : Anonymous 80 months ago

how to overcome this bad breath problem.

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