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Discussion Topic - Reg Teeth color chnage
I have 1yr 3 months old kid. I mix milk with Pediasure ,Junior Horlicks giv him every day.These days I observe there is a kind of dark colored layer forming on his teeth.Could you please tell me what is the reason behind this.
Reg Teeth color chnage Posted by : Anonymous 101 months ago

It could be a sign of tooth decay why don't you meet a dentist.

Reg Teeth color chnage Posted by : Anonymous 100 months ago

Pediasure should be given only to kids above 2 yrs old. Please check with the peadiatrician first..

Reg Teeth color chnage Posted by : Health Expert 89 months ago
Pediasure must be given to kids above 2years, it is mentioned on the bottle of pediasure. It cant be said because of that there might be a a problem. Please consult a dentist. Before giving any supplements read the instructions on the bottle and talk to your doctor.
Reg Teeth color chnage Posted by : Anonymous 81 months ago

Parents like you just wait for the kids to come into this world so that you can feed your valuable money to these owners of artificial milk flavouring powders indirectly!!!

These powders, be it bournvita / horlicks ... etc, contain malt...which has a high tendency to stick to the teeth; that too on teeth which unfortunately could not be brushed properly because it is a kid's issue!

Instead make a powder of slightly rosted dryfruits like almonds, pistachios, add kesar and feed it to your kid. Sometimes add turmeric to the milk.

If you think about calcium - well then make fruit milkshakes. Use fruits like bananas, chickoos and avocados... nothing is absent in this nature...just learn to use things!

Dont get me as a "grandmother" stuff!

This is the only thing good for your child.


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