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Discussion Topic - Neck and Shoulder Pain
My Problem is that from past 2years I?m suffering severe Shoulder and Neck pain. I consulted with 4 to 5 Doctors, but still problem is not solved. All Doctors saying that it?s Strain and Suggested to do daily exercise. In spite of following their instruction daily there is no sign of any improvement. I taken all type X-ray & body Scan, but everything shown as normal. Please suggest to overcome from this problem
Neck and Shoulder Pain Posted by : Anonymous 68 months ago

You can check out with any reputed physiotherapist. I had a similar problem and after the physiotherapist suggested Myotherapy for 4 months followed by regular exercise, the pain gradually subsided. Now I follow a routine exercise and maintain correct posture.
Neck and Shoulder Pain Posted by : Anonymous 64 months ago

Try yoga.. You are probably stressed. When you are stressed as a reflex action, you tighten your neck muscles. So find ways to destress and calm yourself. Try your hand at dance, painting, etc to destress.. Swimming also helps...
Neck and Shoulder Pain Posted by : Anonymous 61 months ago

Even i got same probelem , post MRI it was found that its because of spondilosis and sitting posture while working. Connect up with a Orthopedic or i have improved through Ayurvedic medicines.
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